1. Garments
    Garments are generally produced from pre-woven cotton fabrics made in Lhubu (South of
    Kathmandu). The stitching of garments is done in a factory setup with various Machines
    each designed for a specific purpose. Keeping in mind the principles of sustainability we also
    produce garments from reconstituting old saris.


2. Pouches & Purses
Pouches and purses form a major part of our production. These little items provide sustainable
work to a lot of household women. It also utilizes scrap fabrics and old saris. They can be made
from small stitching machines. However, those who can commute produce in our own
production facility using high-speed Juki Machines.


3. Silver Jewelry
Our jewellery is produced using small handheld tools in a traditional way. With a human touch,
each item is unique. The melting of silver is done using gas-powered stoves. The articles are made
either via casting on a die or using sheets of silver. The casted items are sometimes hammered
to perfection.