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Welcome to Amrita Craft (P) Ltd, a world of its own started at the very dawn of handicraft business in Nepal. It started off with some woolen items made by Tibetans in Nepal and some metal crafts from Latilpur four decades ago. At present we have in-house production for garments and many other items and provide over 25 broad categories of products. It boasts a product line of over 2000 products.

The company was established by my Father, Mr. Yagya Narayan Gupta while he was pursuing his Master’s Degree in Business Studies from Tribhuvan University. With his first steps, he had a vision that there was untapped potential in the handicraft sector of Nepal. During his tenure in the company, he saw the product lines grow from a few products to a few thousand. I believe it is growing steadily whilst refining the quality of produce.

The beauty of handmade shall persist as the subtle mark of the produce in a form of uniqueness or imperfection exist. Although innovations in production have made the products more refined over time craftsmanship still plays a vital role in providing beauty and aesthetics.

The key pillars of our business are the producers and buyers of our product and we are thankful to both our producers and buyers for helping us sustain and grow over the years.

Thank you